DIY Studio Built by Father and Son Proves the ideal Solution to Create More Space

With the average age of young adults moving out of the family home in Australia steadily rising, our backyard cabins and granny flats offer a win-win solution for families needing more space.

This was certainly the case for David. When he was looking to add space to his home in picturesque Mount Gravatt, Queensland, he researched a few options, including renovating to extend the size of his home.

DYI Sicilia Panorama 30 near pool

However, after careful consideration, he found our Sicilia Panorama 30 cabin to be the perfect fit for their needs.

A simpler, cost-effective solution

As a tradie himself, David had a good understanding of what was involved in a renovation—from the extended time required in planning, through to the months of inconvenience while the build took place. He also knew the time and hassle of sourcing materials (especially in the current climate) not to mention the cost of paying the various trades people to complete the work, which he understood would quickly add up.

DYI Sicilia Panorama 30 near pool

When he came across our cabins while researching on the internet, he soon realised that our backyard cabin package offered a faster, simpler and cost-effective solution. Not only was the cabin purchased as a complete kit, but with the help of our easy-to-follow instructional videos, it was well within his capabilities to DIY and complete the build himself. Not only did this save him a significant amount on the overall project cost, it also allowed father and son to tackle the build together, providing the ideal time to bond and create something special.

The perfect way to add space and style

The stylish Sicilia Panorama 30 looks right at home in the gorgeous tropical setting overlooking the pool. Set in an elevated position, the panoramic windows, French doors and enclosed undercover deck offer the perfect place to take in the views and relax.

DYI Sicilia Panorama 30 near pool at dusk

With a bedroom, ensuite and living area complete with kitchenette, the cabin provides a comfortable and self-sufficient studio retreat. This allows the family to reclaim space in their existing home, and provides their son with a private place to make his own. A definite win-win that has restored space and harmony to this family and their home.

Ready to create your own backyard retreat?

If you’re looking to add space to your existing home, building a backyard cabin or granny flat is a simple solution that is good for you and for the planet.

Contact our accredited builders to discuss your ideas and get your project started today!