Displays brought attention of Jason Hodges from Better homes and Gardens

Two YZY backyard studios displayed at the Home Show, 2014 in Adelaide Showground left no one indifferent. Both exhibitors and visitors were flocking at the display of the backyard cabins appreciating the innovative concept and design as it is for Australia although well-known Scandinavian structures around the World.

People were touching, smelling the naturally beautiful studios.

People were touching, smelling the naturally beautiful studios.

Jason Hodges, the celebrity from “Better Homes and Gardens” approached the studios twice to learn about the innovation coming to Homes and Gardens of Australians.

Jason Hodges from "Better homes and gardens"

Jason Hodges from “Better homes and gardens”

Martin Whyte, the cabins builder, was amazed with the response of SA people. “People were approaching cabins with smiley faces, touching, smelling the naturally beautiful timber and sharing their ideas where the cabin will fit in their backyard or a holiday property. They were pleasantly surprised how quickly YZY backyard studios can be built and how easily the kit can be transportable to remote sites. Lots of free site inspections were booked and we will definitely see people realizing their dreams by this Christmas” – he said.

 “South Australia is a tough market”- Martin said. “Companies are testing the products in SA and if successful, it means it will be good anywhere else in Australia.” Great interest during three days at the expo in Adelaide indicates the success of innovative backyard structures in Australia.