10-day Council Approval Program in Victoria

The Victorian Government introduced a Secondary Dwelling Pilot Program to process ‘granny-flat or garden studio’ applications within 10 days. Exciting news for the Victorians as the state has the most stringent laws in Australia for building a secondary dwelling.

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What is a secondary dwelling?

A secondary dwelling can be defined as a dwelling which is either attached or detached from an already existing dwelling on the same plot of land.

Plan Melbourne 2017-2050, recognizes the demand to promote housing choice and to cater to the ever-growing needs of the household. In such a scenario, secondary dwellings provide:

  • An affordable yet wide selection of housing alternatives
  • Offering members of the extended family to live in close proximity
  • Option for couples to scale down
  • Added option of rental for members of the community

Secondary dwelling pilot program

Four different councils would conduct a trial run for the Secondary Dwelling Code from August 2020 till March 2021. These four councils are Greater Bendigo, Murrindindi, Kingston and Moreland councils.

The code and permit pathways

Smart Planning has already presented a code which permits small-scale accommodation in the range from ‘granny-flat or garden studio’ to be constructed on the same land which already houses another dwelling, located within a residential area. Important elements of the code which directs the placement and the overall design of the secondary dwelling include:

  • Maximum height of 5 meters
  • Maximum floor area not exceeding 60 sq. meters
  • Adherence to minimum garden size requirements established within the zone coupled with siting and other design aspects which would be assess during the permit issue process
  • Prohibition of sub-divisions

Secondarydwellings offer an alternative housing option to residents of Victoria. Further details on secondary dwellings can be found from the link below.

The process of verification and assessment of the application for secondary dwellings would be conducted by VicSmart. The standard permit application process is not applicable.

All our studios and granny flats are designed to have max 60 m² floor area and are not higher than 5 m.

VicSmart assessment pathway

The application provided under the code would be forwarded through the VicSmart assessment process when the required criteria are satisfied. These applications would be processed within 10 days and would generally require minimal administrative and regulatory overseeing. In order to apply, the applications must satisfy several criteria such as:

  • Adherence to code, or
  • Possession of land with an overlay having a building and would function as a permit trigger

Now Victorians have a good chance to get their extra space fast as the program is on until March 2021.

Feel free to contact our builder for Victoria to check if your granny flat or a studio application can get fast-tracked in 10 days.

Information sources:

Planning Victoria Secondary Dwelling Code: https://www.planning.vic.gov.au/policy-and-strategy/smart-planning-program/rules/secondary-dwellings-code