Corsica Panorama 18: Carol’s Backyard Zen Space

If you love your home but need more space, our backyard cabins are a great alternative to expensive and disruptive renovations. A perfect example is this gorgeous green beauty located on a small rural block in Armidale, NSW.

Corsica Panorama Zen Space front view

When our client Carol decided it was time to extend the space in her small home to allow for a more comfortable stay for visitors, the Corsica Panorama 18 cabin proved to be the ideal fit.

Corsica Panorama Zen Space floor plan

Our experienced local building partner Martin Chaseling at New England Building Recyclers completed the construction of the compact cabin in just three days. The Scandinavian building design along with precise machining of all the pre-cut parts at the factory allowed the project to be completed much faster than a conventional build or renovation.

Corsica Panorama Zen Space inside

The cabin’s panorama doors are three metres wide, and open out to the large sunny deck, bringing the fresh air and outdoors in. The surrounding views over creekland create a wonderful sense of serenity, and provide Carol and her guests with a lovely spot to relax and take in the scenery.

Corsica Panorama Zen Space back view

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