Visitors compared backyard cabins made by different manufacturer

Many visitors looking for a quality backyard home office, artist studio, guest room, teenage studio, parents retreat or a granny flat were impressed by YZY backyard cabin displayed by a reputable business The Australian Summerhouse Company at the Hills Home Show, 2015.

Visitors at Hills Home Show, 2015
Visitors at Hills Home Show, 2015

Also, there was a good opportunity to compare two different cabins made at different factories, displayed by 2 exhibitors: YZY Kit Homes and another company. From the first sight both cabins might have appeared quite similar for some, but more knowledgeable people instantly recognized the differences. Similar interlocking system was the only thing that was common to both cabins.

Different features

Visitors had a chance to learn about the different features of both cabins. Type of timber, treatment, engineering, design, glass and wall thickness were the main features that make a huge difference in the quality and the longevity of the cabin.

Cabins made of different type of timber. YZY backyard cabins are made of Nordic spruce – quality, slow growing and producing a few thin limbs and therefore more expensive material than Pine – material other cabins are made of.

Timber treatment. YZY cabins are factory treated to achieve maximum protection by ensuring that all joints, grooves and boards are protected – not just visible surface areas. By factory treating their timbers, the environment is protected against soil contamination through leaching. Most other suppliers paint, brush or spray their timbers after installation which leaves many areas unprotected. Soils surrounding the area of the structure may also be contaminated trough leaching and over spray.

Engineering. YZY cabins are engineered with stainless steel rods that run through walls from the top to bottom holding the wall boards tight but at the same time allowing natural timber movement. The same engineering is being used for big residential homes in New Zealand for decades. To this date, no other cabins’ supplier in Australia can offer this feature.

Insulation properties. Some YZY cabins with wall thickness of 44mm and double glazing will provide with more than 30% greater insulation compared to 34mm wall thickness and single glass cabins of other supplier.

You can read more about the differences in the Expert advice column, article ‘5 things to look for when comparing Scandinavian backyard cabins from different manufacturers’


Comparing cabins of the same size and features, the cost of YZY backyard cabins is more than justifiable considering the differences. People looking for a long lasting quality extra room preferred YZY cabins that had better value for money.

The bottom line is – do research first, definitely inspect the cabin recently built by the builder, talk to the owners of the cabin. Find out the differences to understand and justify the price difference before the order. Usually a rule of thumb applies – you get what you pay for.