$10,000 Scandinavian backyard cabin is like a bargain

YZY backyard studio displayed at the Home Show Canberra (24-26 October 2014)  by a reputable business Canberra Outdoor Structures. Canberra Outdoor Structures are building outdoor structures since 1991. Display was flattered by many visitors looking for a music, pottery or painting studio, massage, therapy or beauty room, guest room, granny flat or a teenage studio.

Visitors at Home Show in Canberra, 2014
Visitors at Home Show in Canberra, 2014

“The price and the fact that the structure allows to erect the cabin in one to two days amazed everyone. Another important fact for Canberrians was that the floor area of up to 10m² is an exempt from council approval in ACT which saves money and time”- said Murray Fleming, the owner of Canberra Outdoor Structures. Visitors from NSW were delighted to learn that they can build up to 20m² backyard cabana without council approval.

Quite a few people came to the Home Show for a yurt and were happy to see another option they will consider. “When compared to yurt, YZY structures are better option for two reasons: hexagon shaped yurt wastes space as any furniture leaves triangles from both sides and a cupola in the roof is releasing the heat bringing down the energy efficiency of the building” –  Murray said.

The Show’s Special Crete 12m² studio fully installed for $10,000 including timber subfloor, insulation and colorbond roofing was good news for the visitors saving their budget for upcoming Christmas time. Obligations free onsite quotes offered by Murray Fleming were pleasing as people would not have to spend a penny before they are sure the building suits their site.