In Stock

We’ve got a range of backyard cabin models in stock, ready for immediate delivery, or arriving soon with our next shipment. If you’re looking to build a granny flat, those are made to order, with current lead times of 16-18 weeks. This gives your builders ample time to prep the site, clear it, bring in the necessary services, and set the foundations for your new addition. Ready to make it yours? Just place an order with your closest supplier or builder.

Backyard cabins

Need extra space ASAP? Most of our backyard cabin models are stocked up and can leave our Sydney warehouse within 1-2 days, others are coming soon in our next shipment. Note that some models might be on hold, pending deposit confirmation or a suitability check by our builders for your site. For the latest lead times on a cabin of your choice, make sure to get in touch with your nearest builder.

Granny flats

Granny flats are custom-built to fit your needs, with a lead time of 16-18 weeks from order to delivery. This timeframe allows builders to thoroughly prepare your site, including clearing, setting up utilities, and laying the foundations for your new space. Eager to get started? Reach out to your nearest supplier or builder to place your order.