Granny Flat Madeira Ultra-modern design 2

Ultra-modern small home Madeira

Backyard cabins have evolved from no-frills sheds to classy studios while stylish granny flats have become small versions of real homes. The Madeira would be a perfect accommodation for your out-of-town guests. This granny flat comes in 1 and 2 bedroom sizes with living area of less than 60m² to conform to council requirements for a 2nd dwelling.

1 bedroom Madeira has a total area of 90m² including a 43m² indoor living space and a roomy 47m² veranda. Madeira 2 bedrooms has two floor plans to choose from. Floor plan version 1 Madeira has a total area of 96m² with the good sized 36.3m² veranda. And there is version 2 Madeira 2 bedrooms with a total size of 89m² including 29.3m² outdoor space.

Madeira design features a full kitchen, a dining area, a spacious lounge, a bathroom and 1 bedroom or 2 bedrooms located on sides of the building for the maximum privacy. On the left is an equally expansive covered veranda for outdoor living. The veranda can be fitted with cutouts in the floor and ceiling to accommodate greenery.

All YZY timber studios and flats can be customized to reflect your unique design preferences. With so many available options, every cabin can be one of a kind. Take a paint color of the building. Darker tones can blend the building in with the surrounds and brighter colors can make it stand out with all its glory. With a simple cut outs in the floor and the ceilings of the veranda, Madeira can give you a luxurious and stylish outdoor space. Also, screens are one of an architectural expression to address the harsh Australian climate and balance the privacy and aesthetics. Please take a look at different designer solutions for our Madeira granny flats.

Granny Flat Madeira Ultra-modern design

Screens are one of an architectural expression to address the harsh Australian climate and balance the privacy and aesthetics


Granny Flat Madeira Ultra-modern design 2

Luxurious and stylish outdoor space


Granny Flat Madeira in Mountains Ultra-modern design

Madeira in the Mountains


Granny Flat Madeira on the lake

Madeira on the lake


Granny Flat Madeira veranda design

Madeira – veranda design


The Madeira can expand your home’s living space or create extra bedrooms. It can provide accommodations for visitors and still have enough room left over for entertaining additional guests. If you happen to have a granny, and you want to keep her close, the Madeira would be a cozy place for her to live.

YZY prefabricated Scandinavian backyard cabins and granny flats are made of hardy Nordic Pine Spruce from FSC-certified forests. With natural timber and double-glazing, these timber studios are solid and built to last. Granny flats and backyard cabins come with premium inclusions and flexible options like extra windows and doors and customized decks.

If you like the Madeira but would prefer something smaller, our Sicilia timber studio is similar but half as large. It measures 20m² (5m x 4m), and you can add a deck for a more spacious design.

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Backyard Cabin New England Guyra Milling Office outside

New Office for Guyra Milling

Corsica cabin has been recently built to locally owned and operated Guyra Milling as their new Office. Guyra Milling is a stock-feed company based in the New England town of Guyra near Armidale. They are a very busy mill all the year round especially at the moment producing high quality cattle feed along with other animal feeds such as poultry. The prolonged drought and high demand for supplementary feed for cattle means the plant is working at near full capacity.

Backyard Cabin New England Guyra Milling Office outside

New Guyra Milling office in New England

“Their new mill office looks right at home among the silos and elevators. The Corsica model of YZY Kit Homes cabins range is one of our most versatile and popular cabins” – said Project Manager and installer Martin Chaseling at New England Building Recyclers.

Our authorised supplier and builder New England Building Recyclers was commissioned to build their new office to handle incoming grain deliveries and outgoing sales of finished product . It is now completed with fitted out with NBN, internal phone lines, computer monitoring of the mill and air conditioning. The additional two windows that you can see were built by us using spare timber in the YZY kit to match supplied windows – they are fixed and mainly designed to allow better visibility in and around the plant. Very large trucks are coming in and out of the weighbridge area of the plant adjacent to the new office.

“Such a great job. Can’t wait to get some work done inside this little beauty” – commented Guyra Milling on New England Recyclers FB post.

Backyard Cabin New England Guyra Milling Office beginning



Backyard Cabin New England Guyra Milling Office building

In progress


Backyard Cabin New England Guyra Milling inside office

Inside office

Backyard Cabin New England Guyra Milling inside office

Inside office

$20,000 off tax deadline June 2018

Claim $20,000 for each asset, deadline: 30 June 2018

Update: 2 July 2018

In the latest Federal Budget, there was a proposal to extend the $20,000 instant asset write-off threshold to 30 June 2019. This change is not law yet.

A popular tax $20,000 write-off scheme for small businesses is extended and now applies until 30 June 2018. This is the last chance to benefit from the scheme as the $20,000 threshold applied from 12 May 2015 will reduce to $1,000 from 1 July 2018.  Continue reading Claim $20,000 for each asset, deadline: 30 June 2018

New range granny flats

New Range: 2 bedroom Granny Flats

At YZY Kit Homes, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new range of two-bedroom granny flats. These larger dwellings have a living area less than 60m² which conforms to council requirements for a 2nd dwelling and can serve as secondary or even primary homes. We’re offering six different one-of-a-kind designs ranging from ultra-modern to traditional. Each design can be modified and customized to reflect your unique tastes and preferences. You can even create your own one-of-a-kind design, and we’ll produce it for you. Continue reading New Range: 2 bedroom Granny Flats

Backyard cabin Sicilia 30m² 1 bedroom floor plan

New model: Sicilia studio in 30m² 1 bedroom size

Modern and elegant, YZY Kit Homes’ popular Sicilia backyard cabins are now available in a larger, 30m² (8m x 3.8m) one-bedroom size. The original Sicilia, which measures 20m² (5.2m x 3.7m), is a versatile backyard cabin that can be used for everything from a backyard retreat, a gym or a home office to a teenager’s hideaway, an extra bedroom or a spacious children’s playhouse.
Backyard cabin Sicilia 30m² 1 bedroom

Backyard cabin Sicilia 30m² 1 bedroom

As one-bedrooms, Sicilia 30m² timber studios can provide suite accommodations for out-of-town guests or even serve as granny cottage. With the addition of a covered veranda, the studio Sicilia 20m² and one-bedroom Sicilia 30m² designs can be further extended to create more space for entertaining.

Backyard cabin Sicilia 30m² 1 bedroom floor plan

Backyard cabin Sicilia 30m² 1 bedroom floor plan

Sicilia backyard cabins feature double glazing on windows and doors. They’re constructed of superior-grade solid timber walls, structural tie down systems – 8 [for smaller] and 13 [for larger] steel rods in all corners and tongue-and-groove roof boards. Constructed on a prepared level base, Sicilia timber studios can be completed in two days.

Both Scilia 20m² and 30m² designs feature double French doors, double-glazed timber doors and windows with weather strips. Flexible options including paint allow you to customize your design to make it truly unique and one-of-a-kind. You can add custom color, shape and size veranda and decking, timber handrail and external steps, timber, laminate or carpeted floors, include bathroom and kitchen fit-outs and even opt for additional windows. All options are sourced locally and can be ordered with our Authorized supplier, your local builder. The builder will happily customize the options to suit your taste and budget.

YZY Kit Homes is a Scandinavian manufacturer of superior-grade, high-quality backyard cabins, granny flats and timber studios. All cabins are constructed by our authorized and reputable Aussie builders in compliance with local building regulations to quickly give you more living, working and storage space right in your own backyard without the bother of constructing a home addition.

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