Backyard cabins

YZY Kit Homes offers wide range of backyard cabins for your choice. You can choose a cabin from 9 m² up to 30 m², or if you need more space check our granny flats. YZY backyard cabins are perfect choice if you are looking an extra space to accommodate guests, rent out as B&B, for Art /Painting Studio, a She shed, holiday property accommodation, Mans cave, Music studio, Home Office, Teenage or Parents retreat, you name it.

Backyard cabin Majorca 9m²


The beautiful backyard cabin Majorca is our lovely little studio designed to be an adornment of ones garden. Compact size and stylish, fastest to assemble backyard cabin is a bargain for those wanting a fast remedy to complete the garden landscape. Any handy man should DIY assemble it in just 1 day on a prepared level base… Read more…

Backyard cabin Crete 12 m²


Classical style backyard cabin Crete is perfect for those looking for a gym, a Home office or a recreation space. Designed with love and superbly manufactured timber backyard studio is always inviting to kick back and relax on a deck after a day’s work. Take a time for a game of chess or table game with your nearest and dearest ones… Read more…

Backyard cabin Sicilia 20m²


Elegant and modern design of backyard cabin Sicilia attracts attention of many people wanting a quality extra space in their garden. Sicilia is meant to be a feather in YZY’s cap and is packed with superb features, such as double glazed windows and doors and superb grade 44 mm boards interlock to create solid walls… Read more…

Backyard cabin Sicilia 30m² 1 bedroom


Our beloved backyard cabin Sicilia  is now available in a 30m² 1 bedroom size. Packed with superb features such as double glazing on all doors and windows, superb grade 45 mm solid timber walls, this studio is ideal for stay-at-home children Family Home, Parents Retreat, Teenage Studio or a Granny Flat… Read more…

Backyard cabin Corsica 20m²


Corsica is a spacious one room backyard cabin mostly used for a Teenage retreat or an Art/painting studio. It is also perfect for a pool house or a change room, featuring safety glass on all doors and windows. This backyard cabin may be assembled in 1 day meaning no mess in your backyard… Read more…

Backyard cabin Corsica 30 m2


Our classic style Corsica cabin is now available in a 30m² 1 bedroom size. This cabin is packed with superb features such as double glazing on all doors and windows, superb grade 45 mm solid timber walls. Constructed on a prepared level base, Corsica timber studio can be assembled in 1-2 days. Read more…

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