Crete 12m² (4m x 3m)

Backyard cabin Crete 12 m²

Classical style Crete is perfect for those looking for a quality Art studio, a Home office or a recreational space. Designed with love and superbly manufactured timber backyard cabin is always inviting to kick back and relax on a deck after a day’s work. This backyard cabin can be assembled in 1-2 days on a prepared level base.

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TREATED WOOD 34mm 12 m² 4m x 3m 2.1-2.5m


  • Factory treated superior grade Nordic Spruce 34 mm wall boards
  • 4 stainless steel rods in all corners – solid structure system
  • Tongue and groove roof boards
  • Double doors with aluminum threshold
  • 4 tempered glass windows
  • Door and window handles
  • Bolts, screws, nails
  • Comprehensive assembly instructions with 3D illustrations


  • Custom size veranda/decking
  • Custom roofing (Colorbond or other)
  • Timber or steel sub-floor or a slab base
  • Flooring (timber, laminate, carpet etc)
  • Extra doors, windows
  • Gutters and down pipes
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Kitchen fit out
  • Bathroom fit out
  • Painting
  • Custom size veranda/decking

Backyard cabin Crete DIY kit

  • Packaging: 1 pallet
  • Weight: ~ 850 kg
  • Size: 4m x 1.1m x 0.72m

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