Adjusting structural tie-down system

YZY Kit Homes structures have a number of steel rods that anchor the building to the sub-floor. Steel rods run from the top board, rafters or beams through all walls down through the subfloor joists or bearers tying down the structure to the subfloor.

After the structure is complete, it will settle down within a few weeks. Inspect the steel rods and tighten them up if needed after a week or so. Also, repeat inspection and adjustment of steel rods after a few months.

Straightening windows and doors

As the structure settles, windows and/or doors may become difficult to close/open. In this case they will have to be straightened back. Firstly, check if the timber frames are level or out of level. Unscrew the timber architraves form the walls but leave architraves on, level the window/door frame using a spirit level and screw back to the wall boards. If this does not help, mechanisms of windows will have to be readjusted. There are many points of adjusting the windows, please refer to Windows adjustment instructions.